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The Grow Your Money Tree Tool Kit is my best-selling (non-course) product. It's designed for FBL readers who:

  • Don't make great money and want to earn more each year.
  • Do make a lot of money and want to earn more and track it better.
  • Need help being more accountable to income goals (tracking it monthly is perfect for this!)
  • Stumped on how to start a side hustle and incorporate it into their daily life.
  • Want a step-by-step method for how to start a small side business.

The full tool kit features:

  • 16+ page e-book on ways to grow your income both in your 9-5 or via a sweet side hustle.
  • Worksheets to help you articulate your income goals and generate new ideas on how to meet them!
  • A separate Side Business Workbook for those who want more exercises and how-to's on starting a small home-based side business from scratch
  • Access to the mini course Side Hustle Success that teaches readers how to get their first clients and the online presence for their side business up and running.
  • A separate excel file with five different spreadsheets to track your income and spending month over month, year after year.

Spreadsheets included:

  • Net Worth Tracker
  • Net Worth Tracker with Property (if you are a homeowner!)
  • YTD Spending Spreadsheet
  • Monthly Budgeting Template
  • Monthly Budgeting Worksheet

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Frequently Asked Questions

What format are these materials in?
It's not a "course." Rather I'm using the Teachable course software to deliver digital PDFs and spreadsheet files to you. Once inside, you'll have availability to instantly download the files and start working with the tool kit.
How long do I have access to the course?
Lifetime access to these digital files and any product updates that get rolled out in the future.
Is my credit card information safe?
Teachable integrates with Stripe (a third party credit card company) to handle all the billing and provide a secure encryption. This is why I handle all payment through Teachable - it is as safe as buying with any other major retailer online.
What about refunds?
Because this product is available for instant download, it is ineligible for a refund. The FBL Teachable school policy is to only offer refunds on courses.

Developed in 2014, the Grow Your Money Tree Toolkit just underwent the most MAJOR MAKEOVER yet. I added over six pages of additional content including more information on how to earn more at your 9-5 job, created a separate side business workbook for those who really want to hustle, and added in a mini-course to deliver to most value with your purchase possible.

Over 1,000 FBL readers have purchased and loved this product - I hope you feel the same!

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